Prototype Molding Service Experts

Expert Prototype mold fabrication and molding services with 25+ years of experience over thousands of molds.

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No part geometry limitations

Complex parts are our specialty including unusual materials, insert molding and overmolding.

Part design assistance

Our engineers have extensive prototype mold fabrication experience over thousands of parts.

Superior part quality

We strive to replicate production part quality, without sacrificing speed

Large quantities of parts may be quickly molded

Several thousand parts may be provided per week from our prototype molds.

Get it right with our unique
prototype molding process.

Our prototype molds feature accurate temperature control of the mold cavity, which is typically a feature only found in production molds. This results in molding parts that more closely replicate production mold quality. Our prototype molds may be used as bridge tooling and may be transferred to a contract manufacturer.

If you’ve been frustrated by rejection from other prototype molders, we’re ready to quickly fabricate your prototype mold and mold high-quality parts that meet your product requirements.

Bring us your most complex part designs.