Protoshop’s Beginings

Protoshop was founded by James Isaacs and Dylann Ceriani. Their background was in medical product development and both have extensive experience over hundreds of plastic part designs and prototype molds. They noted how existing prototype molding services often fell short of their needs. Existing prototype molding services often rejected complex part geometry, did not offer mold iterations, lead times for molds and parts were too long and part quality was poor.

They decided that there was a market need for improved prototype molding services and Protoshop was born. A proprietary prototype mold fabrication method was developed that allowed molds to be quickly fabricated with high quality while also allowing for rapid mold iterations.

What Makes Protoshop Unique

Protoshop is also unique in that we offer plastic part design. Other prototype molding services expect their clients to provide complete designs. We recognize that not everyone is a plastic part design expert. We enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to quickly optimize their part designs, a service not offered by others.

Finally, our extensive experience bringing products to market allows us to also offer assembly services using our prototype parts.

Protoshop prototype mold fabrication machine