How Should I Prototype? Machined Parts, Print 3D Parts, or Fabricate a Prototype Mold

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How should I prototype? Machined parts, print 3D parts, or fabricate a prototype mold Introduction Once a design engineer completes the first draft of their product design, the next step is to create a plan for how it will be fabricated, tested, and developed. There are three basic methods of prototype fabrication: 1) CNC machining, 2)

10 Key Features to Look for in a Prototype Molder

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If you are looking to hire a prototype molder there are several key features that you should look for as you compare molding partners that are critical to the success of your project.

Micro Molding Requiring Material Specification And Simulation

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A client approached us because they had not received acceptable parts with other prototype molding vendors. Issues included accuracy and surface finish of the 0.013” wide “teeth” features. We have extensive experience with micro-molding and molded similarly challenging features in the past, so we quoted mold fabrication and molding. There were three keys to success on this project: material selection, molding simulation and mold fabrication

Which Factors Determine Molded Part Accuracy?

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You may have wondered which factors determine molded part accuracy and therefore the tolerances of the injection molded parts from both prototype and production molders. It’s a complex question that I will try to explain. Some factors that are within the molder’s control and some are not. The following factors determine molded part accuracy during mold fabrication and molding