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Receive a personalized, free and detailed review of your part design, potential molding defect solutions, and expert material selection assistance.

Why Companies Choose To Work With Protoshop:

Mobility reviews provided in person via Zoom

Material selection assistance

Challenging part models accepted

Molds typically fabricated in 1 week

Parts typically molded within 1-2 days

Accurate parts that closely replicate production quality

First article inspections provided for every molding lot free of charge

Molds designed to facilitate rapid iterations, typically within 1 day

Non-metal safe changes accommodated

Several thousand parts may be quickly molded

We excel in creating production-equivalent plastic components through our successful design and fabrication of thousands of prototype molds, all produced in-house. Unlike other prototype molders who may struggle with complex part geometries and reject them, we have the expertise and equipment to mold even the most challenging designs that push the boundaries of injection molding rules.

How Do We Do It?

Premium Prototype Molding Solutions

Professional Moldability Review

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Unlike many prototype molders, we do not feel that an automated moldability review of your part model is sufficient. We prefer to provide a more personal and professional design review over Zoom with the goal of improving molded part quality while also minimizing cost and lead time. Clients can ask questions and fully understand our recommendations. The result of this collaboration is an improved part model ready for prototype molding that will meet your product requirements.

High-Quailty CNC Machine

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We invest in high quality CNC mills that are typically used to fabricate production molds. It’s overkill for prototype molds but necessary for achieving our goal of replicating production mold quality. The higher quality CNC mills also allow us to machine molds faster without sacrificing accuracy due to their improved spindle rigidity and cooling.

Superior Customer Experience

In addition to the personal moldability review we have invested in a website that significantly improves the prototype molding process for our customers. With our website you can get real time status updates, track shipping, order additional molded parts or mold iterations, and view the complete history of your projects including quotes, packing slips, and inspection reports.

Superior Molding Processing

Heating and cooling of mold cavities icon

Our prototype molding system allows for both heating and cooling of the mold, similar to production molds. As a result, we’re able to create a molding process that yields significantly improved part quality. Critical dimensions are more accurate with tighter tolerances compared to other prototype molders

How The Process Works

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Upload part model for prototype mold quote

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Accept quote

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Mold fabrication completed

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Mold sampling (25 ea) and client review

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Order prototype parts as needed

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Request rapid mold iterations as needed

General Information

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Lead Time

Typically 1 week, we will indicate the lead time when we provide your quote.

Part size icon

Maximum Part Size

Part may be up to 8″ x 6″ x4″ (200 x 150 x 100 mm)

Volume measurement icon

Maximum Part Volume

Shot volume up to 6 oz (170 g)

Tolerance icon


Typically <0.004″ (0.1 mm).
Tolerance of 0.001″ (0.025 mm) is possible with certain materials and part geometry. Let’s discuss your application.

Need Prototype Molds For Your Plastic Part?

The Prototype Injection Molding Process

Are you looking for high-quality plastic prototype molding? At Protoshop, we rapidly replicate mold quality to produce plastic prototypes for even the most complex specifications.

At Protoshop, we have exceptional versatility and the ability to produce a plastic prototype that meets your exact specifications.

• Our skilled Protoshop molders use their experience and expertise to create products of all shapes, sizes, and materials.

• We work closely with companies from various industries to ensure that our designs meet their exact needs, resulting in products of superior durability and excellent quality.

If you’re looking to propel your business to new heights, don’t hesitate to explore how plastic injection molding can benefit your company.

Protoshop can be a great resource if you need to design and produce plastic components using state-of-the-art plastic injection molding procedures. Our team is composed of skilled experts who have experience in engineering, design, mold fabrication, manufacturing, and management.

Rapidly Replicate Prototype Molds at the Highest Quality

We make all our molds using Arburg injection molding machines that are built in Lossburg, Germany. Our goal is to replicate production molding as closely as possible and using a production quality injection molding machine is critical.

Testing and development using a high quality prototype part that closely replicates production makes transfer to manufacturing an exercise rather than a step involving risk.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

Industries We Service:


Consumer Electronics

Electronics Housings

Fluetic Manifolds

Gardening Devices


Life Sciences


Skin Care

Solar Panels


Wearable Tech

And Many More!

Our Trusted Partners

Proprietary Plastic Injection Prototype Molding Method.

Plastic injection molding is the process used to create the plastic parts that are used in most of the products you use every day. Plastics are used in a wide range of applications, from simple buttons to complex implantable medical devices visible under x-ray and everything in between. This is why plastic resin manufacturers offer over 60,000 grades of plastic. Plastics are well suited for manufacturing due to their relatively low cost per part, part consistency, and ability to fabricate large numbers of parts quickly.

The basic principle of injection molding hasn’t changed substantially since it was first patented in 1872. Over the last 150 years, innovations have involved the addition of electronic control and automation of the molding process. Our plastic prototyping service consists of two essential parts: an injection unit and a clamping unit. The injection unit is where the plastic resin is added to the machine, and heat is applied to change the plastic resin to a flowable liquid state. The clamping unit contains the mold.

The mold is a machined assembly that contains the part detail to be molded. Once the mold is split into two sections, it allows the clamping unit to open and close the mold as needed. In order to mold a part, the clamping unit closes the mold, and the injection unit pushes the liquid plastic into the mold. The plastic quickly cools. The clamping unit opens the mold, and the part is ejected. The process then repeats.

Based on 7 reviews
Dana Taylor
Dana Taylor
If you're in need of a molding prototype shop, Dylann and Jimmy at Protoshop are sure to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Their team demonstrates remarkable responsiveness and proactiveness, contributing to an exceptionally efficient overall process. The speed at which they deliver top-notch work is truly impressive. Protoshop's commitment to customer satisfaction is apparent in their flexibility and willingness to closely collaborate with clients to address specific needs. An exemplary instance of this was their accommodation of our request to have our customer onsite for part evaluation and mold changes while we were present. What sets Protoshop apart is not solely their technical proficiency but also their dedication to providing valuable insights and design advice. Their expertise extends beyond standard projects, showcasing proficiency in handling complex components for diverse applications, be it over-molded sealing parts or flexible components. In conclusion, if you're on the lookout for a reliable and efficient partner for your manufacturing and molding requirements, I wholeheartedly recommend Protoshop. Their combination of expertise, responsiveness, and commitment to customer satisfaction makes them an exceptional choice for a variety of projects.
Brittany Mason
Brittany Mason
I have worked with Photoshop on several mold designs over the past year. From the moment I reached out to them with an inquiry, they were prompt in their communication and eager to assist me. I have greatly appreciated and benefited from their extensive expertise and prompt feedback. They consistently offering valuable suggestions and insights that ultimately saved us money in the overall design. As for the quality of work they provided, Dylann and her team have always come through. If any issues do arise, they have been quick to offer solutions and kept us up to date throughout the whole process. If you're looking for a reliable partner for your plastics molding needs, I would check them out.
Stacie Depner
Stacie Depner
Having worked with Dylann and Jimmy prior to Protoshop, I knew the immense level of expertise they have for this business and it proved to carry through. They are honest straight shooters that will help guide you and find the best solution for your molds. We needed a mild that could be versatile and allow us to easily change out one side of the design. Dylann helped us come up with an approach that will allow us to continuously iteration the design without having to make a whole new mold every time.
Chad Follmar
Chad Follmar
Dylann and team are wonderful to work with. On multiple programs, they have delivered quality product in a matter of days. The design for moldability support is unparalled to ensure your part is ready to order.
Garrett Garner
Garrett Garner
We work regularly with Protoshop on a variety of complex components for various projects. They are an excellent company to work with providing a vast history of experience to help their clients optimize designs. We have worked with them on microfluidic chips with small feature sizes, over molded sealing parts and flexible parts. They have experience working with many materials including Topas (COC), polycarbonate, TPE, PE, and PP. I would highly recommend reaching out on your next project. The team is very responsive to design changes as well as delivering to tight timelines. They also offer design advice and best practices which have helped expedite design iterations.
Steven Soeder
Steven Soeder
Great experience with Protoshop. Dylann is extremely responsive and great to work with. Very fast turn-around. Worked with us on our order to get what we needed. I was able to drop ship 3d printed parts from another vendor to Protoshop to have them match-fit and incorporated into our tooling. I will be back again.
Wendell Woidyla
Wendell Woidyla
Dylann at Protoshop is excellent to work with: highly responsive and proactive. This is possibly the fastest, high-quality work I have ever witnessed. 1 week...from payment (start) to delivery (after CTQ measurements at Protoshop), we had 100 test samples of a component we intend to use in high volume manufacturing. Thank you for the tremendous work! I would highly recommend Protoshop, and will plan to use Protoshop services in the future.